How to Stay Positive During a Move


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Stressed About Moving? Re-frame Your Thinking

A mother and father packing for a move, with a smiling child in a box.

By Holly Lebowitz Rossi

If you're moving, you have my simultaneous congratulations and sympathies.  Despite the excitement of starting fresh in a new home, the process of getting all of your stuff into that new home can be soul-crushingly difficult.  The boxes.  The tape.  The give-away pile.  The clothes.  The books.  The knick-knacks.

If you're like me, during a move you find yourself launching into a spiral of toxic, negative thinking. In this gallery, I'm offering up 5 of the most common such gems, each with their own rescue that falls into the category of what my sister (a social worker) calls a "positive re-frame."

Do you recognize the negative self-talk?  Together we'll articulate those same thoughts in positive language that will get you back at the boxes in no time--maybe even with a smile on your face.

Click for the first positive re-frame.

Holly Lebowitz Rossi is Beliefnet’s Health editor and the co-author of the Fresh Living blog.


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