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Last Friday, I asked readers to tell me the sweetest thing they’ve done for love or that someone did for them. The response was heart-warming. Some of you have had some true romantic movie magic in your lives. Here are the highlights:

From Beverly: “I wondered why this very nice guy never dated. He told me his sister took care of their handicapped mom during the day while he worked and he cared for her at night. I really liked him, so I suggested we go to a movie and take his mom with us. We had a wonderful time and the dates continued. I have been married to that great guy for over 43 years. His mom left us five years ago and I still miss my dates with my husband and his mom.”

From Gary: “I remember going to Krogers and buying my then girlfriend the biggest balloon I could find. As I drove on the freeway, the balloon kept slapping me on the head due to the fact I had no AC and the window was slightly opened. A news van followed me all the way to her dormitory and waited for me to present the balloon. We were both on TV that night kissing in front of her dorm with the balloon! Thanks Krogers. She is now my beautiful wife of 15 years!”

From Lori: “Before me and my husband were married, I made him an Easter basket and stuffed the plastic eggs with some hand written love coupons for him to use at his convenience. They said stuff like, ‘One romantic bubble bath; One full hour back massage; One home-cooked dinner;’ etc. Well, we quit seeing other for about 7 months, and it ‘seemed’ we had both moved on with our lives. Then one day at work, I received a half dozen multi-colored roses and attached to each rose was my hand written coupons. He wanted to cash them in all at the same time! Needless to say we have been happily married now for 5 years, and our love grows stronger and stronger each day.”

From Sandra: “He asked me to pack something nice and something casual and bring my passport — wouldn’t say anything else… I didn’t know where I was being taken until I was boarding the plane. I asked the flight attendant where the flight was going; she looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘Paris’. After the most wonderful day, I thanked him for making my birthday so special, and I expressed how happy I was. He looked into my eyes and said, ‘You know what would make me happier?’ He reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a box and asked if I would marry him. This year will be our 20th anniversary! After three great kids, we still act and feel like we are dating. He’s my best friend.”

From Daphne: “I was rather new in town and I’d only met Gary (my husband) once. He asked if there was any work I needed help with in my apartment. I said, ‘I could use some help hanging pictures, posters, etc.’ A few weeks later, we had our first date. He gave me a small package with a card attached and said, ‘This gift was inspired by our conversation.’ I opened the card [and it says]: ‘I hope in your hands, this always points towards me.’ Imagine my surprise when I opened the wrapping and inside was a stud finder! This was the first of many sweet and wonderful ‘tricks’ Gary has played on me in our years together. His wry sense of humor always keeps me laughing … and on my toes!”

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! May this day inspire you to celebrate the thousands of ways you can say, “I Love You!”

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