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Today was a very (VERY) exciting day! It was interview day. The premiere, the events, the planning… were all leading up to this day when media would speak directly to the stars about their views and experiences with the film.

My morning began with hair and make up, in preparation for on-camera interviews for Beliefnet TV with some of the cast and people behind the scenes of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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First interviews of the day were Georgie Henley (Lucy) and Will Poulter (Eustace), two of the young stars of the film.

They were lovely, smart, interesting and had great things to say. So impressive and sweet. They also looked so grown up, slightly older than they look in the new film. They told me they wrapped in summer of 2009 so guess they’ve done some growing!

We talked a bit about young women and self esteem, and well as young men and courage. The characters that these two portray grappled, respectively, with these issues.

And I was their first interview of the day, too. We all got off to a good start.

Next was Liam Neeson. He is lovely. Funny, very present and very thoughtful in his answers.

He told me a story about taking his family to Africa on a Safari to see lion in order to understand what C.S. Lewis made his character, Aslan, a lion. Liam said it was clear after that journey!

Can’t wait to show you folks the video. Beliefnet will have them edited soon as possible!


We also had a round table discussion with Douglas Gresham, step-son of C.S. Lewis, and keeper of the Narnia flame. Then, I sat down for a one on one interview. He is the Narnia expert. ” When I was young I read the books and adored Narnia,” he said. “I wanted to live in Narnia–and I now I do!.”

Next, there was a press conference will all the stars and the director.

Skandar Keynes (Edmund) was feeling sick and did not come for interviews. But he felt bad to miss them and sort of coughed his way in for the press conference. Sweet.

Ben Barnes, who is in a play and has not been able to take part in media, did come for the press conference.

The stars answered questions for a room full of media from around the world. Highlights to come!


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