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Beliefnet readers are known for their desire for inspiration and happiness. And they are always ready to put a smile on their faces! To celebrate Power of a Smile Day 2010 on June 15, we asked them to share their philosopy on smiling.



“I’ve said all my life a smile a day is better than an apple. So smile God loves you.”

 -Denise Young


“Yeah! Make everyday a smile day not just today!”

-Luz Mendez Apellanes


“Yes we all love smiles I love to smile :)”

-Ju Neal Denise


“I already carry a smile on my face on that day because that’s the date my granddaughter was born.”

-Lydia Martell


“Always wake up happy lately!”

-Janice Shaproski


“You are the best people to wake up to!”

-Angie DuShane


“I have something to always smile about! God gave me my life back when I was dying, leaving my husband of 32 years and my 3 precious children ages 12, 15, 27! I have a reason to smile and to praise the Lord!! I challenge you to find a reason to smile!! If God woke you up this morning, you have a reason to smile!”

-Ellen Hudson


“I have been told by a guy before that I smile too much! Can you believe that? I asked what he had rather me do, frown? He was just jealous!”

-Ann Athey


“Smiling is the only way to go!!!!!!!”

-Nola Jones


“I smile because wen doctors told me I couldn’t have a baby I proved them wrong by having my son, and Im also having a good month.”

-Amber Horn


“I make more people smile by just simply smiling at them.”

-Robin Anne Ross


“I smile and I’m able to share my smile because of how God has saved me. That along in such a trouble world when you share it makes many smile.”

-Annette Walker Wheeler


“I’ll smile because it will be the day before my birthday and the lord has let me live to see another year.”

-Belle Carpenter


“I’ll smile because I live and blesss!! I’ll smile too.”

-Sandra Hurd


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