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Guest Blog by John Khoury

There are simple ways to be instantly happier, with no time restrictions or doctors’ notes. The every day stress related to family, work and finances can fill up our entire mind, leaving no space for us to seek true happiness and take care of ourselves.


John Khoury, CEO and founder of Liquic, a comprehensive online health and wellness resource, offers a few simple steps that he says can boost your life and your health without hassles, costs or prescriptions. Try these simple tips for happier days.

Meditate: Sit and be quiet for a good 15 minutes. Try not to think about anything. If thoughts creep into your brain, just escort them casually back out

Get into self-improvement: Burnout is a state of mind, not circumstantial. Improve on your attitude and you’ll be able to handle more than you think

Get a life plan: What do you want in life? It’s no small question, but it will provide context for your toils and support for your weary psyche.

Exercise: Go for a run outdoors, preferably in the morning and in a desolate area. No music (with the exception of classical). Try not to think of anything except positive situations you are currently achieving (ie, no situational analysis or fake conversations)

Be thankful: List on paper all the things you are thankful for in your life. Don’t stop until you’ve thought of at least 30 items.

Learn to say “no“: Either about scholastic activities or social ones. Knowing what feels right and then doing it provides loads of energy in and of itself.

Be nice:  Nothing adds to energy and confidence like being nice to someone.

Ease up on the drinking and partying: They will put a hurt on your stamina, motivation and self-esteem. And they won’t relax you in the long run, like the previous items will.

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