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This two pound pup named Pixie Belle has stolen the hearts of many. This differently-abled dog has a spirit that will make you smile. And a story that will make you cry.

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Born with a bum hind leg, she needs to have it amputated so she can get around better and have a better quality of life. She also has health problems. She is in foster care at this time and a medical evalutation revealed she needs a surgery that will cost $1000. Her foster family is asking for help. This story will tug at your heart strings and make you want to pull out your wallet, find a vet or adopt her. As Pixie’s very own blog says: “My name is Pixie. As for me, I’m a sweet and loving female, only a year old. I was born with a badly deformed hind leg, and then discarded at the pound. None of this hardship has gotten my spirits down – I’m a true little survivor!”If nothing else, hope you will join me in praying for Pixie Belle. For a long, healthy life and great permanent home. May she have great medical care and rehab in case she needs some help getting around on three paws. Read Pixie Belle’s blog.See this video of Pixie Belle with her adopted Mom.For information or to adopt or help Pixie Belle, please contact The above video was found on Pixie Belle’s website and we are told it is her foster mom. Beliefnet and the Inspiration Report have nothing to do with the video. We believe it was created for the intention of helping get Pixie Belle help and donations for health care.

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