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While other teens are browsing stores to buy the perfect prom dress, a teen from Garner, Iowa has already made hers–out of gum wrappers.

Elizabeth Rasmuson, a high school junior, was inspired to be unique and create her own dress from scratch when she read about a dress made from duct tape.  Drawn to the blue colors that packaged certain flavors of 5 Gum, produced by Wrigley’s, Rasmuson began collecting gum wrappers starting last August.  She collected at least 200 gum wrappers (she gave the gum to friends) to make her dress.  Her boyfriend, Jordan Weaver, also created a matching vest to wear.

“I think it’s really admirable for her…in today’s world a lot of the girls are worried about fitting in; they don’t want to stand out for wrong reason so it’s really cool and so unique,” her proud mom said. (

For most teen girls, the prom dress is as sacred as the wedding dress–it’s the one gown that defines the high school years, and Rasmuson has one that showcases her talent and creativity.  Even though spending money on gum wasn’t cheap, her dress will always be memorable and, in a way, it’s recyclable and eco-friendly.

If “Project Runway” is still around the next few years, Rasmuson would be the perfect candidate.

Watch a video of Elizabeth Rasmuson talking about her gum wrapper prom dress.

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