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Like Judy Danchura of Winnipeg, Canada, Kathy Minton of Franklin, Tennessee was diagnosed with breast cancer by her cat.

While sitting in Minton’s lap last fall, one of her cats–named Honey–began pawing at an area on Minton’s left breast.  The day after, Minton noticed a bruise that didn’t go away aftter a few days.  When Minton visited the doctor, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery within three weeks to remove the lump.  As her hair also began to fall out from chemotherapy, Honey would keep Minton warm by sleeping on her head.

Even though Minton gets a mammogram every year, she wasn’t due for another one until this month; thankfully, Minton didn’t have to wait too long to be diagnosed.

To reward Honey for saving her life, Minton feeds her whipped cream every day.

Click here to watch a video of Kathy Minton talking about her cat, Honey.


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