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Can cats diagnose you with breast cancer?When a stray cat appeared in the backyard of Judy Danchura’s home in Winnipeg, Canada last June at 3 am, Danchura and her husband heard the cat’s meows and welcomed it into their home. As 58-year-old Danchura slept, the cat jumped onto the bed, walked to her right side, and stepped on her breast. Immediately, she felt an unusually sharp pain and knew something was wrong. She made an appointment to see her doctor, after putting off annual mammograms for nine years.Upon seeing the doctor, Danchura was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery to remove the malignant lump, which was still in its beginning stages and hadn’t spread to other parts of the body. Thanks to the cat and to the surgeon, Danchura now has a 95% chance for survival, and she is continuing radiation treatment and taking oral medication.Danchura told Canadian reporters, “I feel humbled because I can’t understand why this animal turned up for me…”Now named Sumo, the stray cat is also a permanent guardian angel for Danchura.Watch a video of Judy Danchura talking about her cat, Sumo:

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