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In an article called “Glitter Goddess,” posted on Divine Caroline, author Edie Weinstein-Moser tells the story about a women who came up with a wonderful way to care for her aging mother, keep her active and bring in some cash–she creates greeting cards crafted with a special glitter and other items that can be sold.

Moser writes that Dianne Evans moved her mom to a nearby nursing home so she can spend more time with her. Although her recognition is limited, her mother seems to do much better when her daughter is around. But what about lost income.

Says Moser: “Creative soul that she is, Dianne has come up with a means of occupying herself and bringing in income. She designs cards and clothing embellished with designs sparkled with glitter. Some are fine, lacy confections and others have calligraphed initials or words spelled out; still others have a floral pattern.”

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