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Dillie the Deer was brought to Dr. Melanie Butera, a vet affiliated with Elm Ridge Animal Hospital in Canal Fulton, Ohio, when she was three days old. Now she is part of the family and she things the doctor’s dog is her mother.

Born on a farm, she was one of three triplet, but her mama deer rejected her because she was sickly and the other two were strong. She was near death when the farmer got her to Dr. “Mel” Butera. She brought Dillie into her home and she and hubby, Steve, nurtured her. That night she was put on an IV drip because she weighed only four pounds. Within two weeks the deer was up and running,” says Dr. Mel.

Dillie, who is blind, now lives in Dr. Mel’s house, in her own room, and wears a GPS collar and tracking device that allows the family to find her if she wanders off. She seems pretty comfy in her home. Above Dillie enjoys a plate of pasta in bed.

Dillie acts like a house-train doggie. She walks up and down stairs and has the run of the house. Now four, her human parents say she is just a couple of inches taller than their dog.

She is house-trained in a liter box. She supposedly can turn lights on and off on her own.

She has a good appetite and enjoys a variety of meals, including ice cream and coffee, topped with frozen ice shavings.

The Buteras says she has not wrecked their place too much but she does go for coffee cups and glasses.

Find our more about Dillie and the Elm Ridge Animal Hospital–she is their official mascot. And visit Dillie’s website where you can see her on the CBS Morning Show. Photos credit: Barcroft Media.

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