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Watch Petal the Dog, Amelia the Monkey, and Lulu the Collie pound the Hollywood pavement in search of their big breakFour-legged actors are not unlike their human counterparts. They’ve got pushy stage parents, feisty agents negotiating for top dollar (and extra biscuits), and older thespians no longer able to take the heat. This documentary explores the quirky parallel universe inhabited by the likes of Petal the Dog (a newbie, pounding the pavement for her big break), Amelia the Monkey (a retired star, living out the last years of her life) and Lulu the Collie (a recently deceased Lassie Star) as the colorful people around them reach for the stars and the big paycheck that comes along with it. If you think your lovable fluff ball has what it takes, experts from Paws for Effect – a powerhouse pet talent agency in Hollywood–offer up tips on how your pet can become the next “Benji.”

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