Inspiration Report

Women so often feel like victims of their own health and lives. The truth is that we can take charge of our own well-being and do things to lower stress in our lives. I find that to be inspiring news!

I came across an article this morning that offered 6 ways to keep your heart healthier, and none of them had to do with diet and exercise. They reminded me of Beliefnet tips because they were health tips for the soul. They reiterate things we share on the site every day. It occurred to me that these tips are good for your general sense of well-being so I thought I would share.

1. Create a Support System

2. Recognize Your Stress Triggers

3. Schedule Time-Outs

4. Find Fun Stress Relieving Activities

5. Soothe Your Soul With Music

6. Learn How to Say “No”

For more health tips on Beliefnet, check out the Fresh Living blog.


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