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The mattress industry is trying to help out in Haiti and doing their part to aid displaced Haitians. With so many people injured, homeless and sleeping on the streets and random tent cities, this could be a blessing.


WorldBeds for Haitian Relief is a project now underway.


Mattress manufacturer Anatomic Global says it has pledged to get 200,000 transitional mattresses to Haiti (WorldBeds) and also said it was re-investing corporate profits in the first quarter of 2010 to manufacture WorldBeds for Haitian relief.


The company is joining forces with  five of its key suppliers to donate a specially designed “transitional” mattresses.


The first 500 mattresses were shipped from Southern California and are expected to arrive in Haiti later this week where they reportedly will be distributed through Parakletos International and Calvary Chapels. Several thousand mattresses will continue to be shipped until the company reaches its goal of supplying some 200,000 pieces, which they say is what experts have estimated the need to be.


Suppliers who have joined in on the project are:  FXI Foamex Innovations, UPS, Deslee Textiles USA, Royal Packaging and the Brookwood Companies. 


This is not the first time this group has stepped up to help in a disaster.  The first time was during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when they made 3,000 units that ended up benefitting more than 11,000 temporary residents of the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, Louisiana.


This is obviously a much bigger project.


“There has never been concentrated destruction and human tragedy of the scale seen in Haiti,” said Anatomic Global CEO David Farley. “We learned from our Katrina relief effort that in the early stages of a disaster, there are very specific sleep surface needs that align with FEMA’s sustainable disaster relief phases, that displaced persons require and we wanted to use that expertise to help – and do it quickly.”


“This effort is part of Anatomic Global’s corporate genetic code and we are grateful to our business partners who share this responsibility with us.”


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