The Bible says that we must give God the Glory with everything that we do. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has never had an issue with that. Wilson recently became the fastest quarterback to reach 100 wins after a 28-21 win against the San Francisco 49ers. After getting this tremendous achievement, Wilson tweeted, “Jesus…YOU get ALL the Glory.” In a post-game press conference, Wilson reminisced about this father, who would wake him up early in the morning to practice. At first, Wilson said he didn’t want to because nobody wants to wake up at 5:00 a.m. for football practice. His father reminded him that you have to do things that you don’t want to be great.

The Journey to Greatness

Wilson says he eventually started waking up earlier than his father because he wanted to be great. The Seahawks quarterback is no stranger to giving God the Glory. Wilson says he found God at the age of 14. It started with a dream that his father died, and he says Jesus came, sat on his bed, and told Wilson that he should get to know him. That following Sunday, Wilson went to church and got saved. Wilson describes how he was a bad kid, and his faith helped him mature.

Since then, Wilson has been a devout Christian. He leads a weekly Bible study group with about 40 professional and college athletes. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Wilson and his wife Ciara donated 1 million meals with Food Lifeline. Wilson and his wife Ciara also went viral after someone posted a picture of them worshipping in church.

Earlier this year, during the Super Bowl, Wilson accepted the NFL’s Man of the Year award. During his speech, he paraphrased 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, a scripture about love. This scripture says that love is patient, kind, and it doesn’t envy, nor does it boast. It doesn’t dishonor others, and it isn’t self-seeking. Wilson read this verse in honor of his father, who died in 2014. Again, Wilson took the time to thank his father for pushing him to practice even when he didn’t want to. Russell Wilson is an excellent example of what happens when you give God the Glory.

Psalms 115:1 says that God gets the glory, not us, because of His love and faithfulness. If we are faithful to God and continue to give Him credit, God will reward us. Once Wilson gave his life to God at 14, he continued to praise Him, and God rewarded him for his efforts. Not only does Wilson give God the Glory, but Wilson also holds a Bible study to share God’s word with others. He also donates to those in need. All of these behaviors are the ideal behavior of a Christian. Sharing God’s word and donating to those in need are pillars of the Christian faith. God has done so much for us; He continues to love us and provide for us even when we don’t deserve it. The least we can do is give Him the honor and glory that he deserves.

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