Amongst all the uncertainty and division in these unprecedented times, this new movie will bring refreshing insight into your thinking.

The uplifting new film “Nothing But the Truth” takes a deep dive into the eternal truths of Biblical scripture.

The authenticity and accuracy of information have been at the forefront of our societal issues recently. The nation has been divided on politics, race, and religion for some time. The primary cause of disagreement stems from disagreements over the “truth.” Many people claim to believe and follow their own “truth,” which leads to discord amongst everyone.

Love Worth Finding Ministries and John Sanders LLC’s “Nothing but the Truth” explores and promotes the one “Truth” above all: God’s Word. In the Bible, Jesus always honestly corrected those who did wrong, but He treated everyone with love and compassion.

As societal norms evolve, the lines between truth and tolerance become blurred. Some churches are hesitant to preach the true unfiltered gospel of the Bible because they don’t want to be seen as judgmental, intolerant, or even bigoted. The documentary asks the all-important question, “Is it possible to respond in both Truth AND Love?”

As the cultural dissent continues, “Nothing but the Truth” is a timely production for the current state of society. Several well-known Christian figures share their perception on the matter in the full-length film.

Along with Pastor Rogers, viewers will hear insightful messages from leaders such as Ed Newton, Len Munsil, Dr. Johnny Hunt, Lee Strobel, Tony Evans, Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Mike Huckabee, Jennifer Rothschild, Jonathan Falwell, Dave Ramsey, Trillia Newbell, Ken Whitten, and much more.

With so much devastation, chaos, and strife in the world, we must remain steadfast in our pursuit of Jesus. “Nothing but the Truth” provides a vital reminder that we need the Truth of God’s Holy Word more than ever.

Dr. James Merritt gave a glowing review of the passion project.

“This compelling documentary highlights not only the rapid erosion of society we are seeing all around us, but more importantly, the unshakable foundation believers have in the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ. The truth Dr. Adrian Rogers preached is timely, compelling and foundational, “Nothing but the Truth” may be the timeliest message of love and truth I’ve ever seen,” the pastor, speaker, and author spoke highly of the movie.

This film conveys that our primary responsibility as Christians is to stand up for Jesus and spread His gospel to the world. Because there is so much hatred in this world, we have to put our hope in God’s Truth of love, righteousness, and compassion. John 16:33 reads, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

“Nothing but the Truth” is available now in both Digital and DVD format.

Be sure to visit their website to watch the trailer of this influential reminder of the significance of Biblical Truth.

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