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Anthony Rendon/Keith Allison/WikiCommons

Anthony Rendon/Keith Allison/WikiCommons

They know they wouldn’t be where they are today without God!

The Houston Astros may have taken a 3-2 lead in the World Series after defeating Washington 7-1 in Game 5, but the underdog Nationals are still keeping their heads high.

This has still been a historic run for the Nationals so far as it’s the first time the team has ever won any World Series games.

For some of the key players, faith and focus have been major drivers both on and off the field.

During the season, a number of photos circulated of National Star players Juan Soto kneeling on the field with fellow star player Victor Robles, praying before games.

CNS News reported earlier this year that as the team got closer to the World Series, Soto and his family said they asked God for His help.

“We just prayed before the game. And we told Him that we just need His help. You know, go help, and right now and get the opportunity and just, get on it,” Soto said.

Following the Nats defeat the dodger’s in the playoff, Soto shared a meaningful Instagram post in Spanish that said, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you James 4:10”

Soto has also shared in interviews how blessed he is to be a major league baseball player.

“It’s a blessing from God, to be here in the big leagues and play baseball like I have. I never thought I’d be this talented of a player,” he said.

Ceter fielder Victor Nobel makes sure that God is his focus. His Twitter bio even says #GodinFront.

Following an injury to his hamstring, he let his faith guide him through.

“A lot of times when you have an injury like the one I have, it’s a couple months to come back from,” Robles said. “I was able to come back from it in a little more than a week and a half. I had a lot of faith in God and I knew that he was going to heal me as quickly as possible.”

Following his Game 2 win, Anthony Rendon said that his faith comes first.

“I want to be known as a Christian baseball player and I’m still trying to grow into that. But in the end, I want to be more Christian than baseball player,” Rendson said.

“If I just try to stay in the Word and try to surround myself with good people and have good community, I think that will just guide me on that path,” he added.

While we don’t know what their World Series future will look like, we know that these faith-filled players are assured in their future – one where God and faith are center.