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Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboy legend, has announced that he’s cancer-free.

“I appreciate the prayers!” the 53-year-old Sports Commentator shared Sunday night with TMZ, after announcing to his fans that he was “terrified” after undergoing a biopsy last week checking for throat cancer. Irving said he lost his voice for two months after calling the “Thursday Night Football” game between the Cowboys and the Saints last November.

Irvin also took to Instagram to make the announcement and thanked fans for their continued prayers.

“Thank you God for continuing to answer Prayers and Thank you ALL for Praying. I spoke with Dr St John at UCLA Medical and she has informed me that all test have come back 100!% clean. NO CANCER!!!!!! It is impossible to express my family and my appreciation for the overwhelming out pour of love, support and prayers. I was on my threshing floor dealing with the stronghold of fear. You all covered and encourage me. To God be the Glory” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Irvin’s father was 51-years-old when he died from throat cancer.

“After visiting some of the best throat doctors they thought it to be wise to take a deeper look at the situation,” Irving wrote in an earlier post last week. “So we schedule and performed a throat biopsy. To give background I share with you that I loss [sic] my father at the young age of 51. He had throat cancer. This daemon has chased and vexed me deep in my spirit all my life.”

“So saying I am afraid this time is a big big understatement,” he added. “I AM TERRIFIED!! My Faith tells me whenever you face great fear you go to your greatness power. Mine is God.”

“I am asking all who will, could you please send up a prayer to help my family and I deal with whatever the results may be? Thanks for your thoughts and prayers in advance. I will continue to pray for your fams protection and prosperity as well. May God Bless us all,” Irvin finished.

We are estaic that prayers worked during this scary and difficult time. God does perform miracles.

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