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Easter night, Carrie Underwood’s son shared the sweetest prayer and when Twitter found out, they lost it.

Not only was it incredibly adorable, it also had a little humor.

While she didn’t share pictures throughout the weekend, her husband Mike Fisher did share the prayer his son lifted up on Twitter.

The tweet said, “Isaiah’s bedtime prayer finished with ‘Jesus thanks for going in the tomb and thanks for getting out all by yourself.’”

Following his post, Underwood retweeted the prayer with a heart emoji.

Twitter loved the 4-year-old’s sweet prayer. Prior to this post, Underwood also shared an Easter message with her 8.45 million fans.

The message read, “Happy Easter, everyone! May your day be filled with family, friends and love! For He is risen!”

Underwood and Fisher recently welcomed their new addition to the family, their second son Jacob. They look like they couldn’t be happier.

Underwood is known not only for her incredible musical talent, but also for her strong Christian faith.

The country singer’s inspiring faith story began in her church in rural Oklahoma where she sang in the church choir.

She spent many years trying to make it as a singer when she ended up on American Idol. After winning the competition, her career really took off.

No matter what situations she’s confronted, she always makes sure to keep Christ at the center.

In 2014, she stunned many with her Christ-themed song, ‘Something in the Water’ about the power of being baptized. It also helps that she found a mate who is also a believer of Christ.

Underwood has said in countless interviews that her husband has helped her grow in her faith, and their spirituality is at the very heart of their relationship.

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