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Passion Conference is one of the most anticipated Christian events each year, with over 30,000 young college students from across the globe joining together to fill arenas. This year, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow came to speak at one of the conference’s sessions. His speech blew everyone away.

Pastor Louie Giglio brought Tebow on stage to interview him during the session. Tebow discussed his personal history and testimony with the students, from being an open Christian in college to his life as a public figure while he was an NFL quarterback. He told the story of how his parents were given advice to abort him, but instead they trusted in God and saw the pregnancy through. Though initially malnourished, he quickly became a healthy baby boy. God was a part of his family growing up right from the beginning.

Tebow also shared with the audience about his experience playing football at the University of Florida. He would put a Bible Verse under his eye for each game, and spoke frequently with his head coach Urban Meyer about his faith. During the 2008 national championship game, Tebow displayed “John 3:16” under his eye, and he later learned that during the broadcast over 94 million people had googled the Bible Verse.

“My first thought was ‘How did 94 million people not know John 3:16?’ But I was sitting there humbled at how big the God we serve really is. A few months earlier, I put Philippians 4:13 under my eyes because maybe someone with binoculars would look through the face mask and see a Bible verse and be encouraged, but you never know what God will do with something if you step out with boldness.”

“He can take the games we’re involved in, the jobs we’re doing, and He can transcend them to be so much more than that. He can make it bigger than a job if we let it. He can take the little things that we do when we decide to be a little bit different and use that in our life in the people around us.”

It’s true that God really can take our lives and transform them to be inspirational for others. If we choose to let God take control of our lives, He can do some pretty amazing things with it.

Watch Tebow’s full speech below.

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