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3440460666_665ebf5ef5_bForty years ago, Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon character to get a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was the famous mouse’s present for his 50th “birthday” in 1978. Now, his famous girlfriend received her own star for her 90th “birthday.” Russi Taylor, who was the voice of Minnie for more than 30 years, said that the celebrity mouse would be “absolutely thrilled beyond words” to receive her own star.

Minnie Mouse’s star is well earned according to several leading Disney executives. “Minnie is one of the most universally recognized animated characters in pop culture today, and her timelessness allows her to transcend boundaries and appeal to a multi-generational range of consumers,” said Josh Silverman, executive VP, global licensing, Disney Consumer Products. “From young adults who connect to her individuality, style and flair, to adults who have gravitated towards her classic personality and look for decades, to the children who currently see her on ‘Mickey and the Roadster Racers,’ Minnie’s appeal reaches fans of all ages…She has been brought to life on everything from handbags to toys to cosmetics.”

Minnie got her start alongside Mickey back in November of 1928 when the most famous rodents of all debuted in the short film “Steamboat Willie.” “Since then, she’s been an integral part of Disney’s animation legacy, and continues to inspire fans around the globe through her independent, optimistic and adventurous outlook,” says Disney archivist Kevin Kern. “When you factor in her commercial, feature film, television and home entertainment work, she’s made an impact on nearly 100 productions if not more…I think Minnie first stands out in some of the company’s classic animated shorts. Titles like ‘Brave Little Tailor,’ ‘Mickey’s Surprise Party,’ ‘First Aiders’ and ‘Bath Day’ help show a few of the narrative and design developments of the character toward what we know her as today.”

Her development continues today and still captivates the artists charged with bringing this beloved mouse to life. “I have never worked with a character that seemed so easy to construct, but with a nuance and ease of posing that can switch from coy to sassy,” said animator Rob LaDuca, executive producer of “Mickey and the Roadster Racers.” “[Minnie’s] personality almost draws itself. Her graceful and feminine nature helps guide her animation. It lends itself  to dancer-like posing and acting, and her simplicity allows an ease of connection with the audience in any part she’s given…Through the years, she has become a strong and independent counterpoint to Mickey. She’s smart, resourceful, and a wonderful friend who will do anything to help in any situation.”

This famous mouse will receive her star on National Polka Dot Day, a fitting tribute to Minnie’s distinctive polka dot dress. Despite her easily recognizable style, it is Minnie’s heart that captivated viewers for generations. “Minnie loves everyone, unconditionally,” says Russi Taylor, “That’s the way she sees the world which is probably one of the reasons she is as popular as she is. She…has the power to help people, especially children who are suffering and in need.”

Kern agrees. “[Minnie’s] always been there to support Mickey and her friends, [and] she’s rarely afraid to get in on the action of any given situation, and is just as interesting of a heroine today as she was in 1928.” Now, Disney fans of all ages can visit Hollywood and find the names of two of the most famous animated characters of all time: a pair of big-eared mice with even bigger hearts.

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