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Sight & Sound Theatres continues to bring the Bible to life though live production on its stages in Lancaster County, Pa. and Branson, Mo.  Both theaters have massive sets, live animals, and a huge cast that transports audiences to the center of Biblical accounts of Moses, Samson and so many other stories for over 30 years. Bringing the Bible to life of this magnitude has inspired millions for families by providing, action, and adventure. Considered the “Christian Broadway,” Sight & Sound Theatres provides a unique storytelling experience that will re-energize your faith.

Moses will take the stage in Branson. Samson will play in Lancaster for the 2016 season. The company shared how excited it is about taking Moses on for this season.

“He’s the world’s most unlikely hero. Rescued as a baby, but rejected as a man, stuttering and insecure – and then God calls him to action! We could not be more thrilled for this heroic story to come to life on our Branson stage as we prepare to part the sea in the Midwest!”

Sight & Sound has produced the following shows:  Colors of Praise, The Splendor of Easter, Joys of Christmas, The Eternal Flame, Miracle of Christmas, Noah – the Musical, Abraham & Sarah – A Journey of Love, Daniel, Lions’ Den, Behold the Lamb, Ruth, Psalms of David, Voices of Christmas, In the Beginning, Joseph, Jonah, and now Moses and Samson.



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