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On February 21st, five out of the six cast members of the beloved hit TV show Friends met once again. The special, paying a tribute to director James Burrows, commemorated the 1,000th episode of TV that Burrows has directed. The special reunited the stars from his most famous shows – Will & Grace, Big Bang Theory, Cheers and of course, Friends.

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing, couldn’t be present for the reunion but was able to introduce the cast via a video message.

Though critics claimed the reunion wasn’t what they hoped it would be, there were many tidbits to be learned about the Friends cast and it even left Jennifer Aniston shedding a tear.

Here are the top 7 facts we learned from the Friends reunion.

  1. According to Lisa Kudrow, director Burrows gave his poker table to the cast as a bonding exercise. This lead to the infamous poker episode “The One With All the Poker”.
  2. The three girls on the set, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, ate lunch together every day for 10 years. Matt LeBlac snickered back, saying the boys did the same.
  3. Aniston’s favorite episodes included the flashbacks to “Fat Monica, Rachel pre-nose job, and Ross with his afro.”
  4. There was a long rumor that the cast was all required to sign a document promising they wouldn’t sleep with each other – but according to Kudrow, she “was not asked to sign anything.”
  5. Everyone on the cast was supportive of each other; giving each other notes and suggestions upon watching another’s scene. The cast gave credit to Burrow for creating the tight-knit friendships.
  6. Aniston initially auditioned for the part of Monica, and Cox tried out for the part of Rachel. They both agreed they were better for the other’s part instead.
  7. In the early days, the cast would sit and watch the episodes air together. They gave each other constructive criticism during this time, which was something Cox picked up from her time on Seinfeld.


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