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The Letters is an inspirational film that will leave an everlasting mark within your life. The film offers a look at Mother Teresa that many have never witnessed. During a 40 year period Mother Teresa experienced doubt and separation from God. To cope with these troublesome times, she wrote letters to her spiritual advisor Father Celeste van Exem. In the letters she expressed her true feelings and the dark moments that haunted her soul. While enduring these challenging times, Mother Teresa still found the power to serve others.

The film shows Mother Teresa as Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu and depicts the path she walked to become a nun. The Letters progresses to display the empathetic life she lived. Moreover, the diversity that Mother Teresa surrounded her throughout her journey is vivid and helps provide truth to the story being told.

Unlike other religious figures, Mother Teresa didn’t lead people to a specific faith. Instead she was engulfed with compassion and wanted to spread goodness throughout the world. The Letters does an excellent job of portraying her letters and illustrating the hope for unity and kindness amongst the world.

The film reveals the honesty that lived within Mother Teresa’s soul. The cinematography in the film is award worthy when showcasing these personable qualities. You don’t have to be of a certain faith to enjoy this film. If you believe in the necessity of good patrons then you’ll appreciate The Letters. The film perfectly showcases the Mother Teresa’s dedication to the servitude of others.

The Letters”, the untold story of Mother Teresa, is in theaters nationwide 12/4.