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With animation and live action, the movie “Yellow Day” will reveal God’s grace in new ways this holiday for the entire family.

Yellow Day’s powerful true stories come from Camp Grace, an actual camp in Mobile, Alabama, where much of the movie takes place. It was Krisanna Roberts, a real Camp Grace camper, whose incredible spirit, creative nature, and true story inspired Yellow Day’s title.  At fifteen years old, Krisanna, who battled cancer all her life, found she only had six months left to live.  For these remaining months, the doctors asked her to name a color for days she felt well.  She chose yellow.  Her remaining days were almost completely “lived in yellow,” and she was known for wishing others a “bright sunshiny yellow day.” A “Yellow Day” is not a day where everything goes right, but a day when one chooses grace and joy no matter what happens.


To learn more visit “Yellow Day” for more details.




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