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Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) is a young FBI agent who infiltrates a team of extreme-sports criminals lead by Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez). The group is suspected of carrying crimes world-wide in unorthodox ways, so was the film’s approach.

The cast met in New York City to discuss what they wanted the film to achieve. “We wanted to take the themes of that movie and bring it into the modern world,” said director Ericson Core.

Core admitted at the Warner Bros. screening room, he did not want to remake the 1991 film starring Patrick Swayze—he wanted to “reimagine it.”

“When I heard about the title ‘Point Break,’ I said, ‘I absolutely don’t want to remake that. At the same time, there was something I wanted to about it, which was the overall story about Johnny Utah and Bodie.”

Core shared they tackled the film from a political perspective.

“To do something on the world stage meant looking at the world in a very different way. This is a different time. There are very different things to rebel against.”

“Point Break” opens in theaters on December 25th.


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