boyYahya El Jabaly of Morocco wasn’t your average baby. Due to complications in the womb, Yahya was born with no eyes, a hole in the middle of his face where his nose should be, and no upper jaw. Essentially, Yahya was born without a face.

Despite this incredibly rare condition, Yahya managed to survive and grow to be a happy and healthy toddler. His parents knew, however, that society wasn’t going to accept their child. Their small village treated their son as an outcast. His parents pleaded for help on Facebook; asking anyone if they knew how to help.

From across the world, the post was read by Fatima Baraka, a Melbourne resident who was born in a village close to Yahya’s. Ms. Baraka took it upon herself to search for a surgeon who would be able to transform the child’s face. When she finally found a reconstructive surgeon, she was elated to share the good news to the family.

“He’s entered my heart…I’m so in love with this little boy,” Ms. Baraka stated.

The three year-old and his family were flown to Melbourne to meet surgeon Dr. Tony Holmes. Despite the risks involved, he agreed to operate on the toddler, fearing if he didn’t worse complications were to come.

A year after their initial meeting, Yahya underwent the 18-hour life-changing operation. Surgeons worked in shifts on the difficult surgery. It was all funded by donations and doctors who offered their services free of charge.

fair useNow, the miracle child has been given the chance to live a normal life. Thanks to the kindness of one stranger, this boy had his life transformed.

Yahya still needs a few more surgeries to complete his transformation, but his parents are thankful and hopeful for their sons future.

‘It’s a huge joy, a huge happiness to see my son in such a situation,’ Yahya’s father Mostafa stated after first seeing his son’s new face.

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