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‘Modern Family’ is perhaps the show I look forward to most every week (aside from ‘Glee’ of course), and last week’s episode, “Earthquake” was as hilarious as usual, and Jay, Gloria, and Manny took up the task of theology, too. It all started because Gloria was going to church, taking Manny with her, and wanted Jay to come, too. But Jay came up with an excuse not to go, and Gloria pressed him to confess whether or not he’d decided he was no longer going to church at all. Jay agreed that yes, this was true, that he found God in nature more than in a building, and that to celebrate this he was going golfing.
The moment Jay said this, there was an earthquake. (Sign from God!)
Gloria was dismayed at Jay’s failure to see the earthquake as God telling Jay he needed to go to church, but even funnier, was how Manny decided he agreed with Jay and wouldn’t be going with her on Sunday either. Poor Gloria! Best of all, was the discussion about heaven and hell between Jay and Manny on the golf course. The basic assessment of heaven and hell a la Jay is as follows:
There is no hell. (Jay)
So do all the bad people go to heaven, too? (Manny)
Yes, but they are walled off. (Jay)
But, what if they get out? (Manny)
They can’t. It’s impossible. They are stuck there for eternity and it’s very small. (Jay)
So basically heaven is a version of hell? (Manny)
Then, when Jay waffled on whether or not he really knew anything about heaven, hell, or God for that matter, Manny worried for his soul and made Jay take him to church after their golfing day. Sweet, hilarious, and always, always smart and respectful as usual. Gotta love ‘Modern Family’! Watch the full episode of “Earthquake” on hulu and check out the new one tonight at 9pm.

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