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glee.kurt.jpgI’ve heard lots of ranting about how much people hated last Tuesday’s newest installment of ‘Glee.’ But I loved it. I thought they tackled belief, religious diversity, and being the lonely atheist among the many faithful with incredible sensitivity. It was a smart, respectful episode. And then, any week when they focus on Kurt that much is a good week in my opinion.
People have said that this was Glee’s least funny episode ever–and maybe it was. Though it wasn’t without its signature ridiculousness either, with Finn’s “Grilled Cheesus” (discovering the face of Jesus in half his grilled cheese sandwich), then praying to the sandwich for help from God to finally get to second base witch Rachel. (Hilarious!) And while Sue still managed to have those amazing off-color one-liners, I like to see Serious Sue now and then, too.
Kurt’s struggle over his Dad’s brush with death was incredibly done, as was his stress over everyone praying for his Dad when he’s an atheist. I feel as though last week’s Glee only upped the show’s credibility in my eyes–the writers proved they could take on even the trickiest of topics. I’m guessing after last week’s serious installment, we are due for a really funny episode tonight. I can’t wait.

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