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With part one of Harry Potter VII about to release in movie theater in November, we all have Harry Potter on the brain lately. (Or at least us fans do!) So one of my favorite little news clips I’ve come across in recent months has to be the following from The New York Times:
“THE NEW YORK UNIVERSITY QUIDDITCH TEAM started Monday, with a surprising turnout of 95 students. To those who somehow slept through the Harry Potter craze, quidditch is that fantastical sport played by wizards and witches on flying broomsticks. But there is an earthly game known as Muggle Quidditch, adapted for a grassy field, in which players use volleyballs, basketballs and dodge balls instead of quaffles.”
Muggle Quidditch! How awesome is that?! A real live quidditch team! I want to join. They even have a facebook group (I looked them up) which is linked to the category Extreme Sports (ha!). Despite lots of fellow student support and interest, and the efforts of team members, they can’t seem to get any sort of recognition from the university. NYU has refused (multiple times now) to give them official club recognition. Apparently, the fact that it is a “fantasy sport” (as someone at the university put it) means that the team has little chance of becoming official.
Boo on NYU! And who says quidditch has to be a fantasy sport? In my mind, it’s very very real….They play Muggle Quidditch in Britain too!

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