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Yes it is true that I watch any and every show that features vampires and werewolves. I just can’t help myself. The latest addition to this tv series trend is ABC’s new, ‘The Gates.’ To be honest, I didn’t even plan on watching all the way through the pilot–I thought I’d get bored and erase it from the DVR queue. Lo and behold, it’s totally addictive! It’s soap opera-y, and really, if it’s fun, then who cares? Why not watch?
Though, now that I’ve admitted I like it, I have to make fun of it, since it plays on just about every trope going since the Twilight phenomenon went through the roof. Let’s see:
Vampires. . . check!
Werewolfs. . .check!
Bloodsucking, carnivorous creatures fighting their natures in the name of being good citizens and living a “normal” life. . .check!
Humans falling in love with creatures that might eat them. . .check!
Creatures falling with love with fragile humans. . .check!
One new twist (though not really that innovative) is that there are a few Wiccans who figure prominently on this show. A good witch and a bad witch to balance her out! Let’s see, there also seems to be a family of succubi. That I have also yet to see. And alas, the young teen girl succubus has some identity issues and she likes a human boy. I’m curious to see where that goes. I wonder what other creatures will pop up as the series moves forward. They’ve got just about everything but the kitchen sink in terms of a paranormal creatures roster, and all of them are living in McMansions within this gated community (hence, The Gates), so they can be “safer” from the wilds of the world–whatever that means.
If you like the vampire-human, werewolf-human, “oh why can’t I just be human!” drama, this one is a must.
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