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pretty-little-liars.jpgSo I confess: I am pretty obsessed with ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Yes, it’s ABC Family’s newest high school soap, but it’s more or less a ‘Gossip Girl’ series with a mystery twist. And the girls are more likable (more or less). It borders on creepy actually, which makes it way more fun.
Anyway, one interesting little storyline that popped up a bit early on but is gaining prominence is one revolving around chastity–it had to happen right? You have teen girls dating teen boys and it’s on ABC Family. One of the main four girls, Hanna, is dating Sean, a boy who plans to “save sex for marriage”–a commitment that frustrates her to no end. In earlier episodes, we see Hanna trying to convince Sean on numerous occasions to have sex with her, and each rejection makes Hanna more and more upset. Finally, Hanna decides to go with Sean to his. . .wait for it. . .Real Love Waits club meeting at school! Yup, it’s the ABC Family/Pretty Little Liars version of True Love Waits, the most popular evangelical chastity program in the US.
Best of all: they practice saying no! They actually role play someone pushing the other person to have sex and that person staying strong. And they call it “sexercises.”
Ah, you gotta love it. Though, my bigger question is about Sean’s sexuality. He seems to have little trouble saying no to Hanna and I suspect it’s because he’s really gay. I’m waiting for that to come up soon.

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