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“The A-Team” is out today, the latest television show to be made into a movie. Idol Chatter’s Kris Rasmussen recently posted about Hollywood movie remakes with a great list of the best and worst ones.
Most of us love TV because it’s convenient, it’s short and simple and–if you grew up in my generation–it was something to do at home together. Through the sheer size, scope and sound that the Big Screen offeres, theatrical movies have the chance to inspire at a greater (or deeper!) level. Here then is a slightly different list: my Top Ten Most Inspiring Movies Movies Made From Original Television Shows. (And the Least Inspiring List at the end). What are yours?
1. “The Fugitive.” Harrison Ford’s innocent man and Tommy Lee Jones’ faithful deputy made compelling and sublime cases for both sides of the law.
2. “The Untouchables.” The train station scene alone sends this movie to the top as Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia and Sean Connery were at their heroic best. “What are you prepared to do?!”
3. “Batman” and “The Dark Knight.” Not counting for its age, Michael Keaton’s crusader was as compelling then as Christian Bale’s is now. And when does Heath Ledger outshine Jack Nicholson in the same role?
4. “The Little Rascals.” Whether you saw televisions “Our Gang” or not, few of us are immune to these playground antics which get acted out differently in adult life.
5. “Star Trek.” The 2009 version was an un-campy of a TV legend as there could be, and reminded us why the original had such staying power.
6. “Mission: Impossible.” Before the franchise (and Tom Cruise himself) went nuts, this remake captured and heightened the complexities of the covert world.
7. “The Saint.” Probably Val Kilmer’s most understated and overlooked role. Okay, you have to work for it a little bit, but the bad guy’s longing for goodness is winsome.
8. “Maverick.” The Old West, good guys and bad guys, guns, intrigue, poker, family and new friends. Ah, the goodness of it all!
9. “The Naked Gun.” Okay, no joke here. You had to be in the right mood, but we al just need to get over our sophistication once in awhile and laugh at really ridiculous stuff. This movie helped us take the next day a little less seriously.
10. “Star Trek: First Contact.” Credit goes to a movie sequel from a TV cast from a movie remake of a prior TV show, and one of the few movies that made real sense of time travel.
Oh yeah the worst, which all failed miserably in their opportunities to add some real value:
1. Sex and the City.
2. Wild, Wild West.
3. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.
4. Land of the Lost.
5. Hannah Montana: The Movie
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