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My Idol Chatter colleague, Esther, did a wonderful summary and analysis of why the ‘Lost’ series finale was disappointing, but I can’t resist chiming in for a few moments on this because while Esther feels disappointed, I feel even stronger: I HATED IT. I mean, really hated it. I wanted to throw something at the tv.
Um, so in the end, after all that drama and survival and fighting to stay alive and to find meaning and love despite hardship and their attempts to get off the island and back again, and then this horrid, off-kilter, jumping the shark last season I suffered through, the “pay-off” is that they are just all dead. WHAT?! What do you mean they’re all dead? What do you mean the sideways world was, I don’t know, all fake? A dream? Purgatory at best? I sat through Lost’s craziness this season for this outcome?
Worst of all and aside from the bizarre Indiana-Jones meets final episode of Buffy-like uncorking and recorking of the island’s heart (what??!!), with corresponding earthquakes, fake-looking rocks falling everywhere, and then the Spike-like sacrifice that Jack makes–yes, aside from this, is it just me, or did the last ten minutes of Lost play like the end of a ‘Ghost Whisperer’ episode? You know, that show where Jennifer Love Hewitt helps ghosts that resist “moving on” to work out their issues so they are “ready to leave” and walk into the light, but not before they’ve encountered all the important people in their life to say goodbye. I mean, I think they ripped the ending right out of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and I am not kidding. I am shocked and dismayed.
All that, all those years of amazing seasons, and they end it with everyone being dead and with Jack’s Dad playing the role of Jennifer Love Hewitt in the ‘Ghost Whisperer.’ I will now have to pretend that ‘Lost’s’ last season never happened and come up with my own ending.
Anyone have a better, alternate endings for us to contemplate? I’d love to replace a good ending with this terrible one and soon. Sad, sad, sad.

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