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boyd-crowder.jpgWell, I know deep down that I am supposed to dislike Boyd Crowder, the complicated villain from FX’s new show ‘Justified’ who bombs a black church in episode one. After Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) nearly kills Boyd while trying to apprehend him, this near death experience turns Boyd into a bible-thumping, born again man in prison who now sees beyond race toward a kingdom that welcomes all, be they murderers or even angry men like Raylan (at least according to Boyd who sees right through Raylan). Boyd counts Raylan as his savior–without being shot, Boyd never would have come to God.
While I am in part repulsed by Boyd and his hateful past, I am at the same time riveted by his character. Captivated. Fascinated. And never more by the latest episode ‘The Hammer’ which was very Boyd-heavy, and opens with Boyd waxing poetic about the forgiveness of sins to his “flock” of beggars and criminals, his “church” in the middle of the woods, men that he hopes he will help “repay their debts to God.” His preacher-man persona rivals Raylan in charisma and that is high praise since ‘Justified’ is a well-written, well-acted show overall and Timothy Olyphant incredible as its lead.
Some favorite Boyd quotations include those when he is just getting out of jail because Raylan has messed up:
“Seeking is the goal and searching is the answer.”
“This turn of events is nothing short of a miracle. It’s God’s will that I walk free and who am I? Who are any of us to fight the will of God? My ministry has gone as far as it can behind these prisons walls. As much as it pains me to say this there are men whose souls in there are beyond my powers to save. And my mission now is to cast off the shackles of my incarceration. To go forth in the land and spread His good will like Jesus and His apostles.”
And in this latest, amazing episode, while trying to get a meth addict to see the error of his ways:
“The stick don’t work son. The only thing that does work is a carrot! And the carrot that we offer in this church is a purpose! A reason for being much greater than any of you have ever known.”
“Why US Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens played a pivotal role in my story! And while we don’t have saints in our church he would be the first saint for he worked a miracle in my life and was the agent of my salvation.”
What dialogue, right? And he says all this was a deep, deep Kentucky drawl. And apparently, Boyd’s character has become so pivotal to the show, and is so well-received by audiences, that they have expanded it and he will now be a regular presence on ‘Justified.’ I’m excited. Let the conversion continue.

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