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toledo wuthering.jpgSince I know that Idol Chatter readers are BIG fans of all things Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, I can’t resist pointing you to a podcast/radio show I did for the Penguin Classics series, “Vampires on Paper: The Enduring Appeal of Vampires in Literature.”

I was asked to respond to the suggestion that “Twilight” is “Wuthering Heights with vampires,” compare Edward and Heathcliff, and basically get my vampire geek on in a literary way. (Sigh!) Here is the official description:

“Elda Rotor of Penguin Classics interviews ‘Twilight’ expert Donna Freitas about the appeal of Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster vampire series and how it compares to Emily Brontë’s enduring classic ‘Wuthering Heights.’

Elda then speaks with Dacre Stoker, a direct descendant of Bram Stoker, and Ian Holt, authors of ‘Dracula: The Un-Dead,’ who talk about Bram Stoker’s masterpiece, why Dracula wears evening clothes, and how vampires pick up chicks even when they smell like the grave.”

Notice how I get to be the “Twilight” expert? And yes I’m proud of the title. I’m pretty excited to share the stage with all that Dracula-talk too, since Dracula is one of my all-time favorite classics. And how amazing is that new “Wuthering Heights” cover? It’s drawn by Ruben Toledo (the husband of the fashion designer Isabel Toledo, a favorite of Michelle Obama).

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