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marge-playboy.jpgIf we were closer to April 1st, we might be able to assume that this headline some sort of joke. But since we’re not even in the same calendar as the next April Fool’s Day, I guess the story (like Marge’s animated assets, perhaps) is both real and spectacular.
Playboy has announced that the ultimate blue-haired goddess, TV’s Marge Simpson, will be gracing their November cover (the issue will be available October 16th). Men who want more Marge will be pleased to know that she’ll be featured in a three-page spread. (Idol Chatter has no confirmation on this, but imagines that one of those pages will be entirely devoted to her hair.)
If you’re appalled by this decision, firstly, you probably aren’t Playboy’s target audience. And secondly, don’t worry: there will only be “implied nudity” for Marge’s photo spread.
Who’s responsible for this decision? Homer wouldn’t be surprised at the answer. It’s Flanders. Flanders, really? The goody-two-shoes, Jesus-loving neighbor? Nope…it’s new Playboy CEO Scott Flanders, who “says the idea is to attract readers in their 20s to a magazine where the average reader’s age is 35.”
Homer Simpson could not be reached for comment.
Photo: CommeAuCinema

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