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SuperjewteeWhen I was in college, I was the only one on my floor with a solid Jewish education, so more often than not, when there was a question about Jewish law, tradition or observance, my classmates were referred to me. “What’s the holiday of Purim all about? You should ask Esther: she’s SuperJew.”
If you’ve seen “Funny People,” the newest Apatow joint starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, you’ve seen the SuperJew T-shirt. But how does a modest piece of clothing make its way to the big screen? And what is its Hollywood pedigree?
Meri Zeiff, founder of verymeri clothing, explains that her company is “all about giving kids a voice,” and that the SuperJew shirt is the one shirt “that is not designed by a kid, but it is designed by a kid at heart.” That “kid at heart” is writer and producer Jill Soloway, (“Six Feet Under,” “United States of Tara”), who is also a mom from Temple Israel Day school, where Zeiff used to teach, she explains.

[Jill] approached me about taking on the superjew and we agreed to give 3% back to Temple Israel. I chose to give an additional 3% to Jewish World Watch because I think JWW is all about making the world a better place, which is what I think any great Superjew tries to do. I think the shirt is helping people all over the world feel proud to be Jewish. I hope through that pride we can raise a significant amount of money for a great cause.

A question remains: What is a SuperJew? How can you become one? Is being a SuperJew a thing of ego or of pride?
To purchase the SuperJew t-shirt for yourself, a loved one or your favorite Jewish blogger, and do a good deed for “mitzvah points” while you’re at it, check out the VeryMeri site.
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