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carrieprejeanwithbanner.jpgJust when I thought I wouldn’t have to hear any more debate about Miss USA Carrie Prejean and her religious beliefs regarding gay marriage, the news came late in the afternoon yesterday that Prejean has been fired from her position after all.
Alhough a few weeks ago, organization founder Donald Trump said Prejean would not be fired for her comments or for her old racy photos that suddenly appeared in the media, the organization is now claiming Prejean is not meeting her contract obligations and will be stripped of her title. Pageant head Keith Lewis went on the offense on “Larry King Live” and other outlets insisting that Prejean was not being fired for her comments or opinions and claims she was warned that she might be fired if she didn’t “get back to work.”

On the other hand, Prejean claims she had no inkling this was going to happen and that she first heard about the firing from entertainment reporter Billy Bush. She is also emphatic in stating that she believes she is being fired for her outspoken opinions after all.
As a Christian, I don’t feel like I really have a dog in this fight. I don’t look to beauty queens to represent me. I don’t think a beauty queen is going to sway cultural opinion toward the religious right. But as a human being, well, I have never liked bullies, and I can’t help but feel like that is what is going on. Lewis has not been specific about how Prejean has violated her contract, and Prejean insists she will be releasing emails between her and the pageant organization to the public that indicate everything seemed to be going fine. Either way, it seems Lewis shouldn’t have allowed the news to break the way it did. That is, unless he really doesn’t like her and her views and had been planning to fire her all along.
What do you think is the real reason Miss California was fired? And who do you think is really doing the bullying in this case– the lobbyists using Prejean or pageant officials?
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