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“Allow me to be blunt for a moment,” said Max Phillips, in a recent Escapist Magazine article. “Most games avoid anything having to do with the subject of religion.”
That got my attention! And it should have.
“In most cases it doesn’t get much deeper than the gaming plot staple of ‘these aliens are religious fanatics and want to kill us all,” he continued.
And he was right.
In a digital age, an information age and in many ways, an escapist age, this review resonated with truth. And life. And faith. And breath. And reality. Ah, what a breath of fresh air!
Imagine playing a video game in which the key player belongs to a group called “Followers Of Christ” in a guild called “Mark 16:15.” Such is the world of a new line of faith-based video games designed to make the reality of faith-based committed warriors who face persecution come alive for its players.

Finally, I may become a willing participant in the video game age we belong to. Not since “PONG” do I remember a video game making such a personal impact upon me. Not since “Beep…beep…beep…beep beep” has such an impression been made.
All too often, older Christians and faith-based leaders criticize new media believing there’s something about it that is anti-faith. Here, we find a game that–instead of criticizing it–embraces the new media to teach important faith lessons through a challenging, entertaining, and intriguing game that pits the warriors of faith vs. the persecutors who may not only win, but may have more resources than those on the “right” side.
Throughout the generations, those who’ve come before, all too often seem to pass on wisdom to those who’re coming behind by criticizing what they enjoy and suggesting they choose a different path. Herein lies a product that doesn’t embrace what’s come before but rather embraces it and teaches a new message through it.
There are many churches and faith-based organizations that could learn a lesson or two from the approach of this game. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy it, learn from it, and try and win at it. Come join me.

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