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farrahfawcett.jpgReality is setting in for many in the Baby Boomer generation whose former favorite actress and poster girl is battling cancer. What once was vicarious joy is now vicarious pain, as Farrah Fawcett has spent many of her final days making perhaps her most important television show ever: a special designed to document her battle with cancer. It airs Friday, May 15, from 9-11 pm on NBC.
“I’ve never understood why people are interested in what I do,” she said humbly, “until now.” Even the most prototypically blond and airy actress of her time now speaks as the voice of wisdom about the terrible disease that has afflicted so many for so long.
“This film is very personal,” she has said. “The footage took on a life of its own and dictated that it be seen.” I don’t know what that means but it sure sounds meaningful!
Entertainment Weekly has reported that several guest stars will appear on the show including fellow angels Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson as well as Ryan O’Neal (who is also battling cancer) and Alana Stewart (the show’s producer).

Doug Vaughan, the NBC News senior vice president in charge of specials such as this, told The Huffington post that “Fawcett wanted to set the record straight about her diagnosis, treatment and future.” I truly hope it’s not just about her, but truly about the disease and especially the progress towards treatments and some hope for a cure.
That, after all, would bring a kind of inspiration far beyond the passing of the one-time poster queen–who’s passing will be a sober reminder to a generation of how vulnerable it is becoming.
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