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willieaames.jpgIf a friend goes through relationships like toilet paper, would you go to her for relationship advice? If your child-less sibling offers you parenting tips, would you take him seriously? If someone loses their shirt in the stock market, would you let him plan your portfolio?
Willie Aames, former star of “Eight is Enough,” “Charles in Charge,” “Bibleman,” and “Celebrity Fit Club,” is looking to help “educate others against ‘financial illiteracy'” according to a press release. Aames– who recently filed for bankruptcy and held a garage sale for some extra cash–will be participating in a celebrity boxing match and, if he wins, will donate a portion of his prize money to his “fight against financial Illiteracy campaign.”
Huh? He has a “campaign” for this? And what exactly does he mean by “educating” and “campaign”? Will he be going on a lecture circuit? Perhaps write another book?
The press release begins, “Nobody understands more about bankruptcy, foreclosure, and other financial woes than Willie Aames.” Now, while Aames may have experienced financial difficulties, if you wanted to become better educated financially–or um, less financially illiterate–wouldn’t you rather hear from from someone who has experience in managing money successfully as opposed to someone who recently went bankrupt? Granted, there are financial experts who have struggled financially in the past, but have learned from mistakes and have gone on to become very successful–and I would absolutely listen to what those people had to say. But Aames–someone who has not yet learned or overcome their financial struggles? No way!
What’s next, O.J. Simpson offering up marriage counseling?
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