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Another shoe has dropped in the controversy over SonSeed, the band whose song “Jesus Is My Friend” inspired as many doubters as fans when it debuted on the blog “Dougsploitation” last year. Arena Rock Records announced Tuesday that it would re-release the song in early August. Does this prove the authenticity of the video?Not really. The basic premise remains impossibly cheezy and highly unlikely: a group of born-again Roman Catholics from Brooklyn jamming on a Sunday-morning religion show whose other guests ran along the lines of Mother Teresa and Archbishop Tutu? A recording of the song could be a release of what we saw on the You Tube tape, and until we see the whites of their eyes on stage, SonSeed will continue to fascinate for their sheer improbability, which has been enough so far to inspire a hundred YouTube variations of “Jesus Is My Friend” and more than 2 million viewings of the original.

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