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haggard.jpgAs the death of his career continues, Ted Haggard just keeps moving toward the light–the television light. Since he admitted to homosexual acts and stepped down as pastor of a Colorado megachurch and as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, Haggard has appeared in a HBO documentary and with his wife Gayle on “Oprah.” According to The Huffington Post, The Haggards are in Los Angeles this week taping the April 1 installment of the syndicated show “Divorce Court.”
The show normally features couples who are at odds, who subject themselves to the moral dressings-down and legally binding decisions of former Cleveland Heights, Ohio municipal judge Lynn Toler. There’s no expectation that the Haggards are divorcing. Rather, they’ll discuss with Toler how their marriage survived his philandering.

In January, Haggard told the AP that Gayle knew that “my sexual identity is complex and can’t be put into stereotypical boxes,” and was fine with that. But Gayle admitted to Oprah that when she heard of his visits to a male prostitute, she asked Ted, “Who are you?” It’s natural that Gayle would want to know who her husband really is. Do the rest of us really need to?
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