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battlestarpic.jpgTV: Battlestar Galactica
Frequent readers of “Idol Chatter” will know that I’m a huge “Battlestar Galactica” fan, reveling in its relevance and enjoying its space opera-esque qualities. So, it is with mixed feelings that I anticipate tonight’s two-hour series finale. Yes, I found last season disappointing, and I could have done without so many scenes of Admiral Adama wondering around the ship inspecting support beams this season, but the show is back flexing its dramatic muscle and I’ll be sad to see it go. On the other hand, I also can’t wait to see if my guess about Daniel’s identity is correct. Friday, March 20, at 9:00 p.m. on SciFi.
DVD: Twilight
It’s 12:01 am on Saturday, March 21. Do you know where your tween daughter is? Probably at your local Barnes and Noble awaiting the release of the “Twilight” DVD. Now, I know that “Twilight” is fellow “Idol Chatter” blogger Donna Freitas’ domain, but I’ll admit to falling under the thrall of the big screen adaptation of the best-selling teenage human-vampire love story. For one thing, Bella isn’t drawn as helpless a character as she is in the books and, well, Robert Pattinson is really easy to look at. Plus, there’s plenty of extras to sink your teeth into, including a seven-part making-of documentary.

Movies: Knowing
I know that “I Love You, Man” is going to sweep the box office this weekend, and with good reason: It looks freaking hysterical. But Bible Code fans and conspiracy theorists alike are awaiting the Friday release of the PG-13, Nicolas Cage thriller “Knowing.” When a time capsule is unearthed containing a sheet with rows of seemingly random numbers, Cage’s professor Jacob Koestler soon realizes that the cryptic digits actually foretell major catastrophes of the last 50 years. And while not exactly the same as the Bible Code—a supposed system that retrieves secret messages/prophecies from the text of the Bible or Torah using equidistant letter sequencing, I’m curious to see for myself how the device works in the drama since I’ve been fascinated with, if not incredulous of, the code since watching a special on the National Geographic Channel. Although, I’m suspecting we may need a mathematical method to figure out an even bigger mystery: the striking difference in the critic and user letter grades on Yahoo! Movies.
What will you be watching this weekend? How about this week?
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