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frozenriverphoto.jpgWhen I support a movie underdog, I tend to bang the drum relentlessly. I have said before here at Idol Chatter, that “Frozen River ” is a great, completely overlooked film. Now that it is out on DVD this week, you finally have a chance to see what I have been raving about.
“Frozen River” isn’t a fancy film, or a melodramatic one. It is one that is quiet in its message and affirms the value of life in some unexpected moments.

Ray and Lila are two working moms who don’t have much in common but join together to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country for a hefty fee. But it is through their dangerous escapades driving across the frozen St. Lawrence River that these women reconnect to their humanity and to each other.
“Frozen River” hit a note with me because it is a hopeful story, but not a happy one. It is also a story that exposes issues in society that I hardly hear anyone speak about much today in our supposedly diverse, tolerant society–such as the effects of gambling and how racism exists but has taken on a different color. It is also the best display of feminism I have seen in years because it doesn’t fall into any “Thelma and Louise” or “Sex and the City” clichés of female friendship.
So while I have already predicted “Frozen River” won’t win in either of the Oscar categories it has been nominated in ( Best Actress for Melissa Leo, who plays Ray, and Best Screenplay) , I urge everyone to check out the film. It’s not only this week’s DVD pick, it’s also one of the best movies of 2008.
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