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coolrunningspic.jpgThis time of year I long for some sunshine and even the tiniest sign of spring ‘s soon arrival. Alas, it has been one brutal winter in my neck of the woods, and in my community we have this great made-up holiday called mid-winter break– not to be confused with spring break. Schools and many other establishments shut down so people can get out of the snow or just stay home and wallow in their mid-winter blues.
So, needless to say, I didn’t get away this year and while I may not be wallowing, I will spend part of my break watching a few of my favorite movies that make wintertime look so much more inviting than it actually is.
They are not all cinematic masterpieces but they are all comedies that will lighten my mood while the snow continues to fall. And if you have any other suggestions that will help me forget the drifts outside my window, feel free to mention them in the comment box below.
Cool Runnings: One of the great Olympic stories of all time is not about someone winning a gold medal , but about a group of Jamaican men who want to compete in the Olympics bobsledding games. This movie also contains my favorite John Candy performance as the guy who helped them.
Mystery, Alaska: My favorite hockey movie of all time because it features Russell Crowe before he was a big star, and showcases the bonds of a working class community in addition to some great hockey sequences.

Snow Day: We all looked forward to that time-honored tradition as children, and this movie is a cute look at the joy a day off in the dead of winter can bring. Based on personal experience, I think the sequel should feature what a group of teachers do on a snow day because they enjoy them way more than our students!
Cutting Edge: I have always been obsessed with figure skating and I am convinced it is impossible to make a great figure skating movie. However, this is pretty close in some respects. I just love the chemistry between the two egocentric athletes who are completely different but must trust each other on the ice. Can you say toepick?
Groundhog Day: A classic movie about second chances , the grind of day-to-day living, and a celebration of a truly strange tradition. Bill Murray’s hapless weatherman character hilariously sums up the best and worst of human nature and it is one of my favorite Murray performances.
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