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While promoting the movie “Two Lovers,” which is in theaters today (you can watch a clip from the film on Beliefnet’s Entertainment page), actor Joaquin Phoenix appeared on David Letterman’s talk show earlier this week, and, um, well, had a hard time walking the line between coherent answers and having an idiot savant-like presence. Phoenix has expressed his plans to quit his movie career to become a musician–specifically a hip-hop/rap artist– and has always been a bit eccentric. However, this non-interview is a train wreck of the highest order, and while at first it is extremely funny, after I thought about it for a few moments, it is really very sad. So I said a prayer for one very confused soul..( Of course there is also speculation in the news that this is all a hoax and part of a documentary Casey Affleckis doing,(If you want to see exactly what I am talking about, watch the clip belowJoaquin Phoenix at

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