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lostHurleySayid.jpgSo last season I stopped watching “Lost” a few episodes from the end because I got bored. I was especially tired of the flashbacks. (I was to the point where I’d just fast forward through them–am I alone on this one?) But a few weeks ago I caved and caught up on what I missed so I could join the parade last night, with other “Lost” fans, and watch the two-hour premiere. I have several thoughts.
First: I’m so happy there were no flashbacks! The crazy time travel stuff seems to have taken the place of the dreaded flashbacks. Hallelujah.
Second: While I found the going back and forth in time thing interesting, I also found it rather confusing. I wonder that if they will keep going with it over the season, if we will all, um, you know, get lost. The most intriguing piece of the time travel for me, though, was this issue of dying and coming back to life, and in particular, that for Locke, going back to the island would mean a kind of resurrection. Or perhaps an afterlife?

Third: The highlight of the episode for me happened during a very small exchange between Hugo and his mother, where her tells her the truth of what happened to them–which, in the way that Hugo tells it, sounds like madness. But rather than his mom defaulting to the obvious which is, of course, that her son is crazy (seeing that he just escaped from a mental institution), instead, she has faith in his story. Having this one person believe in him (finally) seems to enact a transformation in Hugo.
Fourth and finally: What was with all the weird, churchy, Da Vinci Code-esque stuff at the end? And does anyone remember who that woman in the robe was?
That’s all I got. At the very least, last night’s episode will keep me watching this season. For now.
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