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castsarahconnorchroniclespi.jpgGinia Bellafonte devoted considerable ink to exploring the religious dimensions of Fox’s “Sarah Connor Chronicles” on the front page of this Sunday’s New York Times fall television section. About to head into its third episode of season two tonight (Monday), Bellafonte describes SCC as bleak, with a “story [that] is set up along faith-versus-science paradigms, and the hope is that science will lose.” She writes of season two’s direction:

“The sense of evangelicism is ramped up this season. In the premiere, two weeks ago, John was essentially born again. On his birthday he rid himself of his slacker jacket and shaved his head, committing himself more fully to his mission. In the event that we might miss the religious implication, John did this in the rectory of a church, where he and his family were hiding from an Armenian killer. His good-cyborg bodyguard, Cameron (Summer Glau), a pretty but soulless machine, stared at a crucifix and asked Sarah if she believed in the resurrection; the assumption here was that only faith can really humanize.”

Interesting and deep as this all sounds, I still can’t decide if the series if worth a weekly hour of my attention. It’s mostly run, run, run from the cyborgs, try to shoot the cyborgs before they inevitably shoot you. What do you think? Anyone out there actually watching this show and have a comment?
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